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Colors and Meanings of Labels


The increase in the number of high-rise buildings makes it obligatory to use elevators every day. Are the elevators you use many times a day are safe? Are maintenance of these elevators are regularly performed? What do the red, yellow, green and blue labels attached to the elevator mean?

To each elevator that is periodically checked by expert and authorized engineers; Red, green, blue and yellow colored labels are attached. The labels affixed to the places that can be seen easily by the people using the elevator in the elevator cabin; states whether the elevators are suitable for life and property safety. If the elevators you use regularly do not have these colored labels, do not forget to have your elevators' periodic checks and inspections by contacting your manager as soon as possible. If the labels exist but are unreadable or damaged, the damaged label must be replaced with a new one after the necessary checks.

The meanings of the labels according to their colors are as follows:

Red Label:

It is a type of label attached to elevators where a high risk is detected for your life and property safety and which is desired to be removed in a short time.

Incompatibility should be eliminated within 1 month - 30 days. This will be checked again after 30 days. If the problem is not resolved, the municipality where the building falls within the borders of is notified for the elevator to be discarded from service. Municipal officials shall seal the lift and discarding from service shall be applied.

The follow-up and control process should be done by expert control engineers.

Yellow Label:

It is a type of label attached to elevators that pose a problem for life and property safety as a result of elevator inspections. The elevator with a yellow label is reported to the relevant building management and it is requested to remedy the specified problems within 60 days. If the defects are not remedied, a report shall be kept.

Blue Label:

It is a label attached to elevators that will create a slight defect for life and property safety as a result of the test performed by the expert control. The stated defects must be fixed within twelve months.

Green Label:

As a result of the tests and inspections carried out by expert engineers, it is a type of label that has no risk for your life and property safety and is affixed to suitable elevators.

Be sensitive to labels and periodic maintenance to enjoy the lifts and avoid accidents as much as possible.

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