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Is your Elevator Safe?


Elevators are mechanisms that require regular maintenance. The past years cause rotting, rusting and abrasion. There should be ventilation and no flammable materials in the cabin floor.

Turkey's elevators with supervisory authority on behalf of public of Turkish Engineers and Architects Association (TMMOB), Chamber of Mechanical Engineers the competent authority for supervision of elevators on behalf of the state in Turkey published a "Status Report on Elevators". This report reveals quite annoying figures about the elevators we use every day.

According to the “Status Report on Elevators”, only 5.5 percent of nearly 177.000 elevators in the country were subjected to public supervision last year. 48 percent of the inspected elevators were found to be absolutely unusable, 30 percent were found to be usable after their deficiencies were remedied, and only 22 percent were found to be in good condition. In some towns, only 1 elevator was inspected, and even it was found to be absolutely unusable. "

Every year, an average of 7-8 people lose their lives in elevator accidents. Causes of accidents are listed as follows;

  • Being stuck in the elevator in case of fire or earthquake,
  • Collision of the counterweight with the cabin,
  • Overloading in the cabin,
  • Trying to get out of the cabin unconsciously without complying with the rescue instructions of the people trapped in the cabin,
  • Lift brakes failure, brake pads wear.

Do not neglect regular maintenance of your elevators.

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Is your elevator safe?
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