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As Alfasan Elevator, we design, develop, manufacture, sell and assemble according to different goals and requirements of our customers. We also aim to keep the safety of our customers at the highest level by providing regular service and maintenance services.

We become one of the leading elevator companies in the world with our experience and unmatched engineering skills of our employees. Based on the sustainability principle in the elevator, we make cities and buildings more intelligent, reliable and the best places to live, while investing in innovative solutions by fighting against the challenges of urbanization.

Elevator, freight elevator, heliport or escalators; when they are well assembled they reduce urban mobility, congestion, pollution, stress and energy consumption.

Human elevators are manufactured in accordance with the traffic calculations and preliminary design drawings made during the project design stage of the buildings and installed in their places. The speeds of individual elevators, which can have a capacity from 4 to 21 people, vary from 0.63 m/s to 2.5 m/s depending on the height of the building.

All stages from the design stage to the end of the manufacturing and assembly phase are controlled by our expert teams and are optimized for the end user.

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